A World Between

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A World Between is the true story of a young Iranian American raised in the United States, who travels to Iran to discover his father’s homeland. Not burdened by the typical stereotypes held by Americans about Iran, he discovers a land in many ways different than expected, but one that has much more in common with us than one would think. His encounters takes him across the country, from the teeming capital of Tehran, to the centre of Ancient Persia in Esfahan, and finally to the home of his ancestors Iran’s holiest city, Mashhad. In each place we meet his friends and relatives who help form a representative view of Iranians than we often see in the west. It is the story of one young man’s experience, but speaks volumes to all Iranians living abroad and anyone who desires to know the place that his forefathers called home. We see Iran through the narrators eyes that understand both Iranian and American sensibilities. We have never seen a film such as this one, where the narrator is so intimately involved and understand the two contrasting cultures at hand to such a degree that is able o form a clear bridge between the two. The standard in such films has been ethnographic investigation or reportage ate one extreme and nostalgic melodrama at the other.


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