Letters from America

Letters from America

Silver Medal International Philadelphia Film Festival

Selection Officielle Festival du Cinema de Bruxelles


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Letters from America revolves around the saga of a father and daughter and their impressions of America. It is the testimony of a western educated Iranian intellectual who having gone back to Iran to raise his family after living in America for many years; returns to America once again to witness the changes that have taken place since he lived there. It is also the testimony of his nineteen years old daughter born in America and raised in post-revolutionary Iran, who leaves home in Tehran to go to America at sixteen. In this journey we also encounter a colorful array of characters both Iranian and American who also provide their own reflections of what America means to them. The film is a feature documentary 56 minutes with English narration and subtitles, shot in New York, Washington and Philadelphia on the east coast and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Arcata on the west coast of USA 2006-009

Iranian-American Dreams

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Written and directed by:    Nezam Manouchehri